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A unique method of project delivery in which the architect and contractor act as a design-build team and are under the same single contract to the client. This approach creates a unified workflow from conceptual design to construction completion


Our construction teams in the field are comprised of proven, dedicated, responsive employees whose knowledge represents not only long-time service here at APS but comprehensive, ongoing training in the areas of safety, technology, building systems and code compliance.


These improvements are required when an owner or developer agrees to provide interior improvements to their structure as a lease agreement with the tenant. These customized improvements are often very specific to the tenants needs.

Building Information Modeling (BIN)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the process by which designers create a 3D digital representation of both physical and functional characteristics in a space using various tools and technologies. APS generally uses BIM to coordinate between multiple building disciplines.

Expert Guidance


Strategic planning is an essential function of senior management in any business firm. Planning involves the firm's behavior in a competitive market and adaptation of the company's resources towards the selected market strategy. APS offers a methodological approach for any companies strategic planning.

Our method consists of the following stages:

First, examine the company's mission. The mission reflects the owners' views with regard to the company's scope of activities and objectives.

Second, survey the company's business environment. The environment includes both general economic factors that affect all types of business activity and additional factors, specific to the construction sector. This survey should reveal the specific “packages” of prospective project opportunities and highlight potential threats to a company's orderly activity.

Third, analyze the company's main resources. The main resources in this respect include the construction capacity, the procurement system, the marketing system, the organization, personnel, finances, and knowledge. The relative strengths and weaknesses of each resource, in light of market needs, are identified.

Fourth, develop a strategy. The development of a strategy is based on “mapping” of the relative attractiveness of the various possible activity areas.

This strategy can follow one of several generic types that must be adapted to particular conditions of the market and company. It affects the subsequent choice of a strategy for development of the company's own resources. The choice of the optimal strategy, from several available alternatives, should follow a careful analysis of the costs and benefits inherent in the implementation of each.

The Path to Success


We have a highly skilled staff of professionals from every trade who hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence. We are proud to stand behind all our work. We train our technicians to follow a strict protocol of systems that guarantee the desired outcome. From rough framing, electrical, and plumbing to finish carpentry; our product is the best in the business. We facilitate the overall coordination and oversight of our projects by orchestrating the construction site, the management of subcontractors and trades, and the communication between all involved disciplines and parties throughout the entire project timeline


Depending on the size, building a commercial property can take months or even years. We take all the necessary measures to make sure we can get the project done right and on time.

Each city has a zoning and planning division which designates land use as commercial or residential. We make sure the land is zoned for your needs. With a survey of the land, it will reveal any encumbrances that would require special easements or prohibit development. We will hire an architect to design and show you different plans for the commercial property that you want to build. The architect will work closely with you to ensure that your expectations are met. We will then lay out a project plan that outlines when activities are to be completed and inspected. Depending on the length of the project we will update you weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We will discuss and develop a plan to manage the entire project, making sure that the pace of the projects is within your expectations.

A Comprehensive Approach

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